Social Security by the Numbers

Here are five facts about Social Security that might surprise you.

Social Security Benefits

At Safe Money Solutions we specialize in helping retirees maximize their Social Security income, plus create guaranteed supplemental income to Social Security benefits and lower taxes, three major concerns seniors are experiencing today.

It is critical you learn these three facts so that you will understand how important this report is to the decision you will make about claiming Social Security.

The Social Security Administration provides you with:

  1. Several ways to claim your benefits with important exceptions and lots of caveats
  2. ZERO employees to advise you on the very best strategy to claim your benefits
  3. One chance to get this right (after twelve months, there are no "do-overs")

Most people imagine triggering their Social Security benefits at one of three ages:

  1. Age 62
  2. Age 66, or their Social Security Full Retirement Age (determined by birth year) 
  3. Age 70

Unfortunately, in nearly every circumstance, none of these three ages will actually get them their maximum lifetime benefit. Our software will look at 20,000 algorithms (performing a class of calculation problem solving, data processing and automated reasoning tasks) to determine which filing strategy and which of the 96 possible months to start your Social Security benefits.

When you start Social Security is a major financial decision. By utilizing the "Social Security Maximization report" you can manage when to use your different categories of money for a better lifestyle. Once Social Security benefits are applied for it's costly to change that decision.

Almost three-fourths of retires now taking Social Security benefits started early and for most this was an unwise choice. The result is likely to be lower after-tax income and a diminished lifestyle in retirement.

The typical couple can have much more after-tax income by planning when to take benefits. The correct timing and utilizing the correct filing strategies can increase your payment by 35% or more in additional Social Security income over your lifetime. Therefore it is important to start Social Security at the right age utilizing the various available legal filing strategies.

Without this report you may never know how much Social Security benefits you're missing out on. Don't risk leaving thousands of retirement dollars on the table. Let's see how much YOU could increase your Social Security income by!

While this report will equip you with much of the information you need to know and understand about Social Security, a report only cannot replace a personal meeting with a qualified advisor.

Your visit with us can take into account your full retirement picture so that we can provide you with a “Social Security Maximization Report” that is built specifically for your situation showing you exactly WHEN and HOW to file for your benefits to achieve your maximum lifetime income.

To schedule an appointment to receive a no cost, no obligation Social Security Maximization Report or to ask specific questions or simply want to learn more we invite you to call (701) 572-4218 or 1-800-280-5464.

The next step to maximizing your Social Security benefits is to create your personal my Social Security account by going to There create your User Name and Password and create your account.

You will need to print your most current Benefit Verification Letter or go to a local Social Security Administration office for your Benefit Statement. This is necessary for our software to run an accurate report for you.

Between now and your first appointment, you might enjoy watching this brief and informative video, Social Security: Just the Facts .

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