Not one Time .... Not one Dime

has a owner of a Fixed Index Annuity ever lost their principal or profits from market volatility or Insurance Company failure.

Who else can make this claim? The truth is "No One Can!"

  • Traditional market investments don't offer this.
  • Banks can't say this.
  • Bondholders can't say this.
  • Money Market owners can't say this.
  • Real Estate investors can't say this.
  • Precious metal investors can't say this.
  • Variable Annuity investors can't say this.

The Perfect Investment - Does it Exist?

What if Congress passed a new law mandating only ONE financial product could exist? If they did such a thing, what benefits of this product would you demand?

  1. Tax savings?
  2. Contractual Guarantees - couldn't lose principal or interest?
  3. Money would be insured?
  4. Guaranteed income you could never outlive ("mailbox money")?
  5. Very low or no fees charged to you?
  6. No risk to earnings or principal?
  7. Flexibility to make withdrawals from the account as needed?
  8. Possibility of leaving "what you don't spend" to loved ones at your death?
  9. Avoidance of Probate (unnecessary legal fees) at death?

Good news! While Congress wouldn't have the know-how to create such an effective retirement planning tool, the Insurance Industry has ... it's called a Fixed Index Annuity.

So if you're tired of the roller coaster ride of the stock market, low CD rates and paying unnecessary fees and taxes to Wall Street and the Government, plan a call to Dana Panasuk, Financial and Insurance Advisor at Safe Money Solutions.

Unfortunately, the financial world isn't sharing the truth about these wonderful financial tools. Dana with his expertise in the field of retirement planning and the proper use of annuities will make a recommendation for which ones are best for your needs.

Will Or Won't Buy An Annuity?

Over 75% of retirees and workers said not running out of money & maximizing income were the most important retirement objectives. Source: Hearts & Wallets Investor Quantitative

63% say the volatility in the financial markets makes me more likely to consider and annuity. Cogent Research: The Evolution Of The Annuity Industry

93% of workers and retirees said it was very or somewhat important in retirement to obtain a dependable monthly income.

86% of workers and retirees said it was very or somewhat important in retirement to preserve your principal. Sources: SOA / AARP Annuity Survey

A Survey of Retirees That Bought Annuities Found!

  • Almost 10 in 10 said they are happy and feel they are better off financially because they took the annuity instead of the lump sum and that makes their budget more predictable.
  • Over 9 in 10 say they have peace of mind because the income is guaranteed to last their lifetime and this makes them feel financially secure.
  • 8 in 10 say the annuity allows them to be more aggressive with their investments.

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