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offered to Individuals or Business Owners by Safe Money Solutions

  • Individual Retirement Accounts - IRAs and Roth IRAs, 401(k) to IRA Rollovers, IRA to Roth IRA Conversion, Multi-Generational IRAs.
  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Accounts - 401(k) Plans, 403(b) Plans, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs.
  • Index Annuities - Now you can have the best of both worlds; 100% guarantee of principal and the potential of market-linked growth with NO RISK of loss of principal due to market down-turns. 
  • Long Term Care- Ever wonder how much money you would need to maintain your lifestyle when you need help caring for yourself? $100,000? $500,000? $1 Million?
  • Life Insurance - Capital Transfer Strategies designed to provide seniors with solutions by helping them to pass on a larger legacy to their heirs ... with a death benefit that, in most cases, is income TAX-FREE to the named beneficiary.
  • Disability Insurance - What would happen if you lost your most important asset ... your ability to earn an income?
  • Medicare Supplement - Medicare pays a portion of your health care cost for hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care and physician's services and supplies. A Medicare supplement insurance policy can help pay some of the charges Medicare doesn't cover.
  • Final Expense - After the death of a loved one, many families are faced with unexpected expenses, i.e. Funeral Expenses, Legal Fees, Unpaid Bills. Don't leave your family worried about how they will handle your final expenses. A Final Expense Plan offers you Peace of Mind regarding your family's financial security by providing cash when it's needed the most.

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