'Simple, Safe and Secure'

... three words that describe Safe Money Solutions 'philosophy' and 'process' for helping people worry less about their money.

The "Top 10" types of folks The Retirement Pros at Safe Money Solutions can help:

  1. Those paying unnecessary taxes on CDs, Mutual Funds and other "taxable" investments.
  2. Those who are retired, retiring soon or changing jobs and wish to "protect" their 401k and IRA money.
  3. Those looking for ONE person in whom they can trust.
  4. Those who are ready to get off the roller coaster ride of the stock market.
  5. Those who wish for their family - not the government - to inherit their money.
  6. Those wanting to avoid having to take Required Minimum Distributions (annual taxes) on their IRA.
  7. Those who'd like more guaranteed income by paying fewer taxes.
  8. Those who want to learn how to "protect" what they've got at the least amount of cost.
  9. Those who need a game plan so they won't outlive their money.
  10. Those who do not want the Federal Government or the IRS as a business partner within their retirement plans.

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